At Sky Moving and Storage we want your move from an old office location to your new office location to be hassle free. Moving day for any business is complicated and sometimes frustrating for the business owner. We're here to make your move simple and well organized.

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Our moving coordinator can answer all your questions and help plan the moving day right down to placing all your PCs and files exactly as planned. We also maintain the latest in moving technology. From special cartons, carts and dollies, to a fleet of easy riding trucks, we have the best equipment to transport your goods most efficiently. Helpful. Friendly. Professional. At Sky Moving and Storage we never compromise our dedication to quality service.


We have developed a relocation system that provides you with as many move-related services as required. You will feel confident that your project is being handled by professionals, who are as concerned as you are, about the success of your move. Our crew members are insured and perform under quality supervision. We provide fully equipped trucks and specialized equipment to move heavy machinery safely. We supply all the packing containers and label each carton properly. Our prices are competitive, because we realize the necessity of cost efficiency in businesses. We go out of our way to meet above and beyond the basic requirements, because we are "the professionals".

Helpful Hints for Preparing for Your Business Moving Day:

Form A Moving Committee With Some of Your Staff

  • Administration

  • Staff Members

  • Other Department Heads


Complete Job walk thru at existing and new location

  • Prepare list of what is moving

  • Confirm special Move requirements

  • Confirm access requirements for both locations (elevator, loading area, parking etc.)

  • Discuss anticipated move date and schedule


Establish Activity Schedule

  • Develop move strategy - sequence and timing of each department/group

  • Plan how to maintain essential business activities on move day

  • Establish packing and labeling plan - coordinate with new layout

  • Include schedule for de-install, move, and reinstall of all equipment and furniture or delivery and installation of new



  • Determine requirements (if new equipment)

  • Select vendor - place order

  • Cable

  • De-install/reinstall new

  • Test



  • Determine requirements (if adding new equipment)

  • Cable

  • De-install equipment .

  • Reinstall/test equipment


Furniture - Free Standing

  • Determine requirements (if adding new equipment)

  • Specifications

  • Manufacturers

  • Pricing

  • Designate items for painting refinishing

  • Delivery and installation schedule


Furniture - Systems

  • Determine Requirements (if adding new equipment)

  • Inventory existing pieces

  • Determine reconfiguration requirements

  • Specifications

  • Manufacturers

  • Quantity and price


Disposition of Existing Equipment and Furniture

  • Arrange for the sale and removal of selected equipment and furniture


Move Preparation

  • Move committees review schedule and activities with each department/group

  • Post employees move schedule

  • Distribute move materials and supplies

  • Move

  • Mover picks up empty boxes